WSO Presents: A Wallien wetsuit size guide

Harnessing the best wetsuit materials on the market, Wallien cut suits to fit the female form. Designed and made by women, for women. With that, we take a deeper dive into their spring wetsuit range to help you understand the fit, sizing, and form. Here goes…


Size Chart   

Every brand differs in size due to different materials, panel cuts, sewing techniques and placement of zippers and pads. So you might need a different size of say a Wallien wetsuit compared to one from Rip Curl

Wetsuit sizes are generally specified in US sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 etc). Specific sizes are available for taller and slimmer people. They're usually marked with the letter "T" (for tall) next to the size.


How to check if a wetsuit fits correctly?

Check if your wrists and ankles are covered (when buying long sleeves) and if the suit fits well at the armpits and waist. Are you able to lift your arms without too much resistance? Are you able to bend down and forward without too much resistance? 

Also, look out for trapped air pockets or excess material. A small wrinkle is okay, big folds are not. Finally, is the neck sealed tightly? Make sure, even though it's tight, you can move and breathe properly, as well as confirming that knee pads and chest pads are in the right position. 

To find out more, head to our Ultimate Wetsuit Guide.


Wallien Womens Nikki van Dijk 3/2mm Chest Zip Wetsuit

Co-designer and in-water tester for Wallien, Nikki van Dijk knows a thing or two about what’s needed in a wetsuit. Her collection perfectly toes the line between performance and style, receiving recent praise from French surf media outlet Surf Session - HERE

"It wears like a second skin. It's super comfortable and much more flexible than the other wetsuits we tested. The fit is perfectly cut for women.” - Alize Arnaud

If you’re looking to purchase this suit (or similar from the brand), it’s well worth keeping in mind that Alize wears a Size 8 and Cornish-based Wallien rider, Lilly Issberner, also wears a Size 8. We hope this helps a little if you’re in-between sizes or looking to get an order in ASAP (these wetsuits don’t hang around)... 


Alize Arnaud
Location: Seignosse, France
Height: 1.6m
Weight: 65kg
Wetsuit type: Wallien Womens Nikki van Dijk 3/2mm Wetsuit
Wetsuit size: Size 8


Lilly Issberner
Location: Cornwall, UK
Height: 1.68cm
Weight: 72kg
Wetsuit type: Wallien Womens Nikki van Dijk 4/3mm Wetsuit
Wetsuit size: Size 8


If you’re still not sure, then be sure to give our expert team a call on 01 531 4587 or email them at [email protected].


Shop the full Wallien renage - HERE
Shop the full Wallien wetsuit range - HERE

Published on 15th March 2024 in Surfing

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