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If you are new to kayaking then you might wonder whether to choose a waterproof sailing top or a purpose designed kayak cagoule (or 'cag' as they are known). Your are better off buying something designed for the job is our advice. Typically purpose-designed kayak cags recognise the fact that the splashes can travel up, as well as down, when paddling away on the water. That means you'll find features like waists that can be drawn in or even sealed and wrist cuffs that subdue the amount of water travelling up your arm, or stop it altogether. Often they are styled like a smock with just an upper zip to let in a little air if your paddling session gets a little bit busy. Some come with integrated hoods. You'll also find some that offer short sleeves with elasticated arm seals. For the lighter weight user, recreational cags and touring jackets are the norm. At the high you have whitewater jackets to choose from. We've categorised these for you below. Check out our wide selection of kayak cags and jackets by viewing those pages where you'll find top brand choices from the likes of Palm, Nookie, Typhoon, GUL and Yak.

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