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Wetsuit Outlet Blog

Latest: Zhik Isotak X - Video Review

Introducing Kim, and the Zhik Isotak X. The premium sailing jacket... Read article


Rip Curl Wetsuits - Video Review

Wetsuit Will is back with another review. This time he's selected a few from Rip Curl's latest range...

Underfleeces - Your Drysuit's Essential Companion

Wise words from our sailing guru Kim. Oh and there’s a good offer on right now on the Typhoon Underfleece, saving 50% off the price, in sizes from XSmall to XXLarge. At £22.95 it’s a no brainer...

The Oardinary Boys - Not So Ordinary

Last year, Oli Glanville and George Randell set off from Canary Islands on December 14, and arrived 3,000 miles later in Antigua. It took them 'just' 37 days to complete the gruelling row known as the Talisker Atlantic Whiskey Challenge - making them the second fastest pair in history.

Kayaking - Seasonally Sensible

A list of three items that are sure to make your kayaking adventure on of the best you've ever been on. Don't think about packing lightly, think about packing sensibly.

Roxy - Trailblazing Under Sunburnt Skies

The trail blazer of women’s surfing, Roxy was formed in 1990 as an extension of Quiksilver, who at the time saw the untapped women’s surf market as a huge opportunity. From there, the brand launched its swimwear line with immediate success.

2018 WSL Tour - The Crop

Here we go again. The 2018 WSL Tour is about to kick off and it’s going to be a one heck of a ride. The talent pool coming through is insane. Any surfer is a genuine chance to take out an event this year.

Cheers Mick

If the freezing weather last week wasn’t depressing enough, Mick Fanning went and announced his retirement from competitive surfing. Now, I can understand here in the UK he may not the be the ‘God’ he is back home in Australia, but surely as watersports fans, you can understand it’s kind of a big deal – no matter where you live.

Quiksilver Original Wetsuit Review

The Quiksilver Original is exactly that - original. The monochrome washed effect oozes uniqueness which will undeniably separate you from the traditionalists out in the line-up.

Quiksilver Syncro+ Wetsuit Review

Have you blown all your money on a new surfboard only to realise you’re going to need a decent wetsuit to combat the dark depths of winter? The Quiksilver Syncro+ is here to help.

Quiksilver Highline Series Wetsuit Review

That old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ is true on every level. So, if you want to become better at surfing, you’re going to have to put a lot of time and energy into the ocean. Which means you’re going to need a performance wetsuit that’s going to allow you the freedom to paddle continuously day-in, day-out.

Quiksilver Highline+ Wetsuit Review

To be on top of your surf game, you need a wetsuit that isn’t going to hold you back. Quiksilver Highline+ wetsuits are developed to meet the uppermost demands in warmth, weight, flexibility, and all-round surfing.

Animal Lava and Nova Wetsuits Review

Animal takes a lot of pride in ensuring the wetsuits they create can handle all temperatures – both cold and hot. The Lava and Nova models are two of the best entry-level wetsuits on the market currently, which is why we’ve stocked them both in Men’s, Women’s and Kids' sizes.

Quiksilver - Between a Mountain and a Wave

This week we're turning our attention to Quiksilver, in preparation for a lot of new product arriving here at Wetsuit Outlet. To explain some of the reasons why we're offering such a range of Quiksilver wetsuits, we thought we'd start by explaining the background to this brand and why we think it's so great.

Musto - Sailing Clothing Brand of Champions

For our focus in this blog we thought we’d look at the Musto MPX range. This sits firmly in the offshore category and so is well geared to deal with anything that most Wetsuit Outlet customers are likely to encounter.

Sailing Accessories - Kim's Picks

You can imagine exactly where you’ll find me on a visit to Wetsuit Outlet at Shoeburyness, poring over the many thousands of items on the lengthy shelves and rails there. Here are four sailing accessories I found recently that I like – and why.

Animal on Parade at Wetsuit Outlet

Animal has come a long way from its hook and loop watch strap origin. Once an adventure brand created by two surfers back in the 1980’s, Animal is now successfully positioned firmly within the wetsuit market, proving that quality can be matched with competitive prices.

Kayaking Accessories - Matt's Picks

Our in-house kayaking aficionado Matt has compiled a list of kayaking items which he thinks are going to help you get the most out of your experience on the water.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Accessories - Mitch's Picks

Most water sports enthusiasts will site a connection to the water as a reason for their love for watersports. That connection cannot be more felt than when Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP).

Windsurfing Accessories - Will's Picks

Our in-house windsurfing guru Will has compiled a list of essential accessories he believes will make your experience on the water all the more enjoyable.

Surfing Accessories - Sam's Picks

Looking for the latest surfing accessories to make your session stress free? As a surfer myself, I can relate. There are plenty of factors often overlooked when planning a strike mission, as stoke levels are often at a maximum, and nothing else in the world seems to matter.

Thermal Base Layers - Our Picks

Technical thermal base layers are a must when hitting the slopes, hiking mountains and sailing during the winter. It's all about keeping the body warm with the use of synthetic, merino and bamboo materials.

Billabong Women's - Salty Dayz

Billabong embrace self-empowerment with their Surf Capsule range by stylishly marrying fashion and island life. The effortless designs embodied within the ‘Salty Dayz’ collection showcase a natural belonging that taps into the energy of the sea.

Changing Robes - The Essential Surfing Accessory

Surfing changing robes/ponchos are your best friend when it comes to getting changed pre and post surf. We've selected a few which we think will do the job perfectly.

Dinghy Sailing Clothing Guide

Dinghy sailing is addictive. Once you start, you can't stop. And the best part? You can sail for a very long time as there's no age restriction. But with sailing comes unpredictable weather occurances.

Drysuit Picking Guide

Drysuits are an essential part of cold weather watersports. Their primary function is keeping the body warm, which is achieved by providing 100% waterproof protection. A drysuit will also allow enough space for multiple layers to be worn underneath.

Win a Limited Edition Jack O'Neill 'Legend' Wetsuit

Wetsuit Outlet are running the ultimate photo competition in memory of the legendary Jack O’Neill, who once said, ‘the three most important things in life are surfing, surfing and surfing’.

Dreaming of Summer in the Winter - SUP Edition

Our in-house SUP aficionado has piled together a list of ladies’ stand-up paddleboarding clothing items which are going to make that ‘new you’ all the more confident during the ‘new year’.

Embrace the New Year

Did you eat too much turkey on Christmas Day? You’re not alone – trust us. However, luckily for you, we have a variety of watersports equipment which is guaranteed to get your 2018 started the healthy way.

Order Your Limited Edition Jack O'Neill Legend Wetsuit

Order now! If you saw our a few months back, you’ll know how thousands of surfers took part in worldwide memorial paddle outs to celebrate the life of legendry waterman, Jack O’Neill.

WSO's Top Triathlon Wetsuit Picks

When it comes to triathlons you’re going to need a wetsuit which fits you perfectly and is flexible, buoyant and warm enough to allow for minimal exertion whilst competing.

Guide to a Surfing Wetsuit

A wetsuit can make all the difference when it comes to time spent in the water. You obviously want to be warm, so finding the right thickness will often depend on the conditions you'll encounter.

WSO's Three Levels of Surfing Wetsuits

No matter our surfing standard, our choice of wetsuit should be fundamentally based around three basic principles: Warmth (seasonal) Stretch (manoeuvrability) and Price (budget).

Surfing Gifts for Christmas

Like certain waves in the world, Christmas only comes once a year, so it’s wise to make it count. However, here at Wetsuit Outlet we know all too well finding the perfect surfing gift for Christmas can be a daunting task. Hence, we’ve selected six of our favourite gifts to help guide you on your festive shopping journey.

Sailing Gifts for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again when you find yourself scratching your head wondering which sailing gift to get that ocean enthusiast in your life. It’s a very similar feeling when sitting down at the computer attempting to bang out a blog on which sailing gifts are faultless for Christmas (see what we did there?)...

Popular Winter Wetsuit Picks

Winter wetsuits are essential to enable us to still keep surfing in cold water. If they weren’t available, we would all have hypothermia because of course it’s hard to resist all that great surf generated by winter weather. Thus, picking the right wetsuit thickness and design can be the difference between spending 5 minutes in the water, or 5 hours...

Layer like a Pro

The unpredictable weather over winter can make planning your outdoor activities tricky. But it makes getting dressed even trickier. There’s only one way to deal with unpredictable weather – layers!

Keep Warm, Stay Dry

Winter has crept up on us once again and cold weather can be enough to put anyone off outdoor watersports. But that needn’t be the case with this collection of technical base layers, midlayers and outer shells, all guaranteed to help you keep warm and stay dry…

Get Wet, Keep Warm

It's the time of year when swell is pumping but temperatures are dropping. Maximising time in the water is all important - make sure you get the ultimate equipment to make this winter season one to remember.

Spotlight on Innovation: Surfing

We're taking a look at two technical surfing gear powerhouses - Rip Curl and O'Neill - to see what's in store for the feature-conscious surfer in 2018...

Spotlight on Innovation: Sailing

Want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to sailing equipment? We’ve compiled the best in class, most innovative, advanced products for life on board. This is the future of sailing…

TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show

It’s that time of year again – the Boat Show is upon us! Now in its 49th year, the show is bigger than ever, with around 100,000 visitors expected to descend on the city...

Surf de Nuit

After three super exciting heats of night surfing (yes, you read that right), Rip Curl walked away with the title at the Anglet Night Surf...

Last Week in Water Sports

Mick Fanning announces shock retirement from competitive surfing, Rip Curl cup called off and get ready for the upcoming Surf de Nuit...

O'Neill Paddle Out

Thousands of surfers paid tribute to sea legend Jack O’Neill in global memorial paddle outs this week. The wetsuit pioneer and founder of the O’Neill brand we know and love today, sadly passed away last month at the grand old age of 94...

Rip Curl Cup 2017 - Padang Padang

The countdown to the world-class surf competition is ON! Here’s everything you need to know so far…

Wetsuit Care 101

Wetsuits can be pricey, which means caring for your wetty is important. So read on for a bunch of good tips, tricks and products available to extend the lifespan of your gear.

Jack O'Neill

We pay tribute to wetsuit pioneer and all-round surfing legend, Jack O’Neill.

Wetsuit Buyers Guide

The big wide world of wetsuits can be confusing and challenging if you’re not sure what to look for. With so many wetsuits to choose from and a range of different price tags, it might seem confusing at first. But fear not! Here’s a few pointers to help buy yourself the perfect wetsuit…

The Kook's Guide to Stand Up Paddle Boarding

So what exactly is a Stand Up Paddleboard? How do you do it? And with so many models on the market how do you know which one is right for you? Read on, we’ve got you covered…

Your guide to triathlon wetsuits

The triathlon is booked, you’ve bought a new bike and top of the line trainers – but what about a wetsuit?

Evolution of the Wetsuit

We throw them on every day without even thinking about it, but where did wetsuits come from, and what on earth did we all do before them?

The Big Spring Clean

Well it’s that time again – the start of a new season! The sun is shining, the water is calling and we need to dust off our kit. But what’s still safe to use and what needs replacing? Here are a few things to consider…

Essential Accessories for Watersports

The weather is (almost) looking better and we’re getting super excited for the return of watersports. Here are a few things you’ll need if you plan on having springtime fun at the seaside…

Diving Holiday Checklist

So you know what fish to look for and you’ve got your accommodation booked. But have you got your kit bag sussed out yet? Here’s your definitive tick list of what to pack for that big diving trip. Enjoy!

Focus On: Palm

Palm have long been considered one of the market leaders for paddle sports and they’re consistent quality and value have earned them a place in our hearts. With equipment and clothing for all budgets and water sports, you’ll want the lot! Here’s our round up of our favourite bargains…

Kidding Around

Don’t forget the little ones this year. If you’re still in need of a few presents to put under the tree, we’ve got lots that your little water babies will love!

Top Picks: Billabong

Once a humble boardshorts designer and now a globally recognised surfer brand, Billabong is the Australian label you need in your life. With a huge range comprising wetsuits, hoodies, boots, swimwear, gloves and heaps of stylish clothing for men, women and kids, you’re sure to find something you love!

Clothing to Beat the Chill

The trees are looking bare and there’s a bitter chill in the air - winter has well and truly taken hold. But it will take more than that to keep us indoors! Wrap up warm with these super toasty items. The best bit? They’re all in the sale…

Top Picks: MUSTO

We’re having a huge sale on our website right now, including lots of great gear from one of our favourite sailing and watersport brands. MUSTO has a great range of quality active wear – here are some of our top picks!

The Clothing Checklist Every Surfer Needs

You can’t hit the waves if you don’t look the part, right? Well luckily we’ve got you covered, surfers, in our end of season sale!

Your 8 Kayaking Essentials

Stop right there! You can’t hit the water with the wrong kit. Luckily, we’ve compiled 8 of our best products for Kayaking – and they’re all in the sale too!

The Five Gill Products you NEED this week

This week we’re celebrating the amazing sailing brand, Gill and offering you great discounts over on our website! Every boater needs some of their ultra-technical gear to keep them looking the part on the waves. Here’s our top five discount buys…

Red Paddle Co How-To Guides

Concerned about getting to grips with the latest Red Paddle Co SUP boards and equipment? Never fear, Red Paddle Co have released these handy how-to guides to help you get pumped...

Interview with a Channel Swimmer

We catch up with super swimmer Nathan Payas following his successful swim of the English Channel to raise money for charity – and we find out exactly what he thought about for the nine hours it took to make the crossing…

Ultimate Beach Etiquette

When you like water sports as much as us lot, it’s inevitable you’ll spend considerable amounts of time on sandy stretches. But do you know the official beach etiquette?

WSO Meets: Nathan Payas

Ever wanted to swim the Channel? We catch up with Nathan Payas, a singer and swimmer from Gibraltar who’s about to take on the English Channel to raise money for charity

Why Cornwall is a Surfer's Paradise

Golden sands, a thrilling Atlantic swell and miles of spectacular coastline. Yep, it’s hard to beat Cornwall for water sports...

Why You Should Buy a Wetsuit

Whether you are going abroad or simply heading to the UK coastline, if you are planning on spending prolonged periods of time in the sea, then investing in a wetsuit is a purchase that you won’t regret.

What to Pack for a Weekend Sail

Whether you’re sailing the Med or cruising UK waters, there are a few things you can’t afford to leave behind on a weekend sail. Assuming your navigation charts and standard equipment are already arranged, here’s your checklist for the rest.

WSO Wishlist: Family Fun Essentials

Give your kids the watersports bug this Summer...

6 Reasons to try SUP Yoga

Yogis everywhere are now using SUP boards to improve and challenge their practice and Stand Up Paddle boarders should give it a go too, here’s why…

WSO Wishlist: Essential Surf Saviours

Sometimes it’s being prepared with the little things that ensure you surf better, for longer and never miss a good session…

WSO Wishlist: Essential Summer Snorkeling Kit

Take up snorkeling and marvel at the abundance of life in our seas – you actually need very little kit to get started…

8 Top Tips for Snorkeling Success

Snorkeling is an exciting and inexpensive way to experience the diverse range of life in our seas – here are our top tips for getting started…

WSO Wishlist: Kitesurfing Kit by Mystic

We’ve given Mystic’s 2016 kitesurfing kit our seal of approval for both performance and style – here’s the kit we’re lusting after most…

6 Top Tips for SUP Newbies

New to stand up paddle boarding? These pro pointers will see you avoid all the usual beginner mistakes…

WSO Wishlist: Bodyboarding Essentials

Get ready to ride the waves and have some serious fun with our favourite bodyboarding kit…

WSO Wishlist: Long Distance Skate Essentials

Get prepped for a long distance skateboarding adventure with these go-anywhere hero products…

370 Mile Solo Skate For Surfers Against Sewage

This dedicated 19-year-old from Essex skated all the way down to Newquay, Cornwall, locking up 370 solo miles – that’s some serious long distance skateboarding...

WSO Wishlist: Essential Kayak Kit from Palm

This week we’re lusting after Palm’s high tech, high style kayak kit…

WSO Wishlist: Tri Swim Edit

Improve your tri times, transitions and travel with our top products…

Hell on High Seas raises over £1 Million

We’ve been on the edge of our seats following Musto ambassador Ian Walker skippering a gaggle of celebrities in aid of BT Sport Relief...

WSO Wishlist: SUP Edit

Get ready for the Spring/Summer SUP season with our lust-worthy fabulous five…

Top Tips for Sailing with Children

Here are our top tips to make sailing with children a stress-free success…

WSO Wishlist: Sailor's Saviours

Time to update your sailing kit? Take a look at our favourite five products…

WSO Wishlist: The Wakeboard Edit

Need some new gear? Take a look at wakeboarding’s most wanted…

Essential Surf Travel Kit

Make your surf trip ultra-smooth with these travel essentials.

8 Top Tips for Sailing with your Dog

There’s no reason why your dog can’t be an important part of your crew – follow our top tips for smooth sailing with furry friends…

What to look for when buying your first wetsuit

Choosing the correct wetsuit will protect you from weather and water conditions by keeping you warm and making you feel more comfortable and safer in the water.

5 Top Tips for Winter Surfing

Winter can be the best season to surf in the UK – you just need to know how to survive the cold water, get organised and ditch the 3:2 wetsuit...

5 Knots Every Sailor Should Know

Know your Bowline from your Cleat Hitch? If not, read on. This is Sailing 101, people!

Essential Guide to Lifejackets

The water is as unpredictable as it is inviting. For sailing, as well as many other watersports, it’s vital to wear a lifejacket, as it could very well save your life...

Essential Guide to Wakeboarding

It really is easier than ever to hit the wake as loads of water sports centres and wake-parks allow you to just turn up, hire the gear and have a go.

Kayaking: Better Than a Gym Workout

Kayaking lifts the spirits, clears the mind and works the whole body...

How to Get Started in Triathlon

The ultimate test of your determination and motivation, Triathlon allows you to push yourself further than you ever thought you’d go.

6 Weird and Wonderful Beaches That Will Blow Your Mind

Take a holiday on the wild side and visit one of these quirky beaches...

Surf Etiquette: 7 Rules You Need to Know

Surf etiquette is actually pretty straightforward – just memorise these 7 rules and you won't have a problem...


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