Latest: Wetsuit Guide: Know Your Brand Measurements

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Sammy enjoying her new Billabong Synergy wetsuit

Why You Should Buy a Wetsuit

They seem like an investment, but investing in a wetsuit is a purchase you won't regret: we'll tell you why.

Man running into sea with a surf board

SURFBOARD BUYING GUIDE - Which surfboard should I choose?

Looking to buy a surfboard, but not sure which one to choose? Our surfboard buying guide has got you covered!

Surfer in wetsuit

Wetsuit Repair Guide

How to make your wetsuit last a little bit longer

Drysuit Care and Repair Guide

Care for your drysuit and it will care for you...

Wetsuit Guide: When to wear booties, gloves and a hood

Hint: When It's Cold!

Woman in Buoyancy Aid

Essential Guide to Buoyancy Aids

Everything you need to know about buoyancy aids

Life jackets, buoyancy aids and impact vests: The difference?

The ultimate spotting the difference guide!

person surfing

How To Measure Yourself When Buying A Wetsuit

The ultimate guide to measuring yourself for a wetsuit

person with surfboard

Guide to different wetsuit zips

Which style of wetsuit zip is best for you?

Wetsuit Thickness Guide

The Ultimate Reference to Wetsuit Thickness

kids life jackets

How to choose a kid's life jacket

Don't take any compromises on your child's safety with our guide to choosing a kids life jacket.

The Ultimate Wetsuit Care Guide

Prolong the life of your wetsuit with this ultimate wetsuit care guide. Learn how to clean and store your wetsuit so it lasts longer.

wetsuit boots

How to dry your wetsuit boots

Read our best tips for properly cleaning and drying out wetsuit boots, ready for your next session in the water.

O'Neill Psycho Tech

Wetsuit Seams Explained

Not sure about the difference between flatlock and GBS? It's not that confusing

sailors wearing drysuits

Your Drysuit Care Guide

This guide will teach you how to keep your drysuit in good condition.

summer guide front cover image

Read our Online 2022 Summer Guide

Our summer guide is filled with top tips to make the most our of the season

Sailor wearing a helmet

Helmets - Why Wear Them for Watersports?

The importance of headgear on the water

Stand up paddle boarders

What's s'up with your SUP? A guide through some common issues

We caught up with buyer Will to find out how he takes care of his SUP

Xcel Comp X wetsuit

This season's most exciting wetsuit technology

We caught up with wetsuit buyer Will, to hear about the technology he's excited about this season.

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