We are thrilled to welcome C-Skins to Wetsuit Outlet! If you're not familiar with this amazing brand, let us introduce you to the world of C-Skins and their innovative wetsuit technology.

In the wetsuit industry for 45 years, the team at C-Skins specialise in crafting high-quality wetsuits that deliver on warmth, fit, flexibility, and durability. Making sure you can make the most of your time in the water.

As cold water specialists, C-Skins understands what it's like to get cold. Their location on the English coast has shaped their products and seen them test their wetsuits in the most extreme conditions (even the Arctic Circle). This ensures C-Skins products will keep you warmer for longer, wherever your passion takes you.

Constantly attempting to push the boundaries of wetsuit design and materials, here's what the brand says: "Our wetsuits are crafted from cutting-edge technology and restless creativity. We are reliably radical; pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials, so that you can push your own limits out there in the water."Developed by surfers, C-Skins' sole focus is on creating products that maximize your time in the water.

Shop the C-skins range here.

Updated on 5th June 2023

Originally published on 22nd March 2023 in Surfing

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