Underfleeces - Your Drysuit's Essential Companion

Sometimes you cannot beat personal experience to understand exactly why something is good.

The trigger for my random thought along those lines was having a quick look at the deal on Wetsuit Outlet right now for Typhoon’s Lightweight Drysuit Underfleece. I wish it had been fond memories of how I had sensibly suited up underneath a drysuit in years past, but the reality was my fizz of neurological activity was triggered by the realisation that I spent more than one immersion immediately feeling the cold, because I hadn’t togged up correctly.

The issue in my case was that I not only used a sailing drysuit for the purpose intended, to stay nice and dry when driving a RIB at 30 knots or sailing something small, fast and wet. I also used a drysuit to protect me when doing tests on various pieces of safety kit and even flinging myself off boats (never completely the best idea, but I was the editor of the magazine doing the tests and always like to lead from the front).

I found myself swimming underneath boats rather a lot too. Admittedly, I did rather more of that than anyone might expect in a lifetime, because I was running flotillas of boats for a few years and they seemed to be a magnet for every stray bit of prop ensnarling rope out there. It was yet a very good example of just how useful a drysuit can be, in many situations.

Much of that boat rescue activity happened closer inshore and hence in warmer waters. However, I once had to deal with a motorboat that was stuck halfway across the English Channel with a fishing net around both props, skippered by a man with a heart condition and a woman with what looked even from a few hundred metres away like an imminent anxiety attack. So, I jumped in as fast as possible and didn’t think about layering underneath the drysuit at all. It was a sober and very chilly reminder that water can be cold, even at the height of the summer, once you get away from the beaches and bays. Prolonged immersion in it can soon set in the shivers and worse if you are not layered up correctly, drysuit or no.

Which all rather neatly brings me back to that Typhoon Lightweight Drysuit Underfleece. It’s got some nice features, like a double action front zip. It’s not too heavy, so can be used in the summer on its own or with additional layering out of season.

It’s also a whole heap nicer to use than the old trackies that I used to stick on before suiting up. They used to generate pockets of air in all the wrong places which led to some slightly tricky moments when swimming as the legs tried to assume the position of an Olympic synchronised swimmer. Close fitting layers are not just nicer to wear – they are safer too.

Best of all there’s a good offer on right now on the Typhoon Underfleece, saving 50% off the price, in sizes from XSmall to XXLarge. At £22.95 it’s a no brainer.

If you’ve yet to buy the drysuit as well, then check out Wetsuit Outlet’s Drysuit Undersuit page where you’ll find some great bundle deals to keep you warm as well as dry.

Written by Kim Hollamby


Published on 29th March 2018 in Sailing

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