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Most water sports enthusiasts will site a connection to the water as a reason for their love for watersports. That connection cannot be more felt than when Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). When the water is at its most tranquil, calm and kind, listening to the silence in an empty estuary, and the calls of seabirds; these are the times I feel most at peace with the world, a connection undisturbed by the crash of waves or the screams from a beach. I’ve watched sunsets and sunrises, even collected driftwood. It’s something I will do for the rest of my life and a sport I am yet to meet anyone who has tried and not had fun. However, it is a sport, and with sport comes equipment, and these pieces are things I would not leave the beach without.

Palm Glide Waist Belt

As tranquil as the water is most of the time, it can quickly turn into a dangerous area to be. So, safety is always a must. Although, if you’re like me, fashion comes before function. Hence, a less bulky but just as safe alternative is the Palm Glide waist belt. It fits just around your waist so it won't get in the way while you’re paddling, plus they’re minimal and stylish with a simple pull cord to inflate once you hit the water. With a 100N floatation rating you’re certain to keep afloat, and as if that wasn’t enough, it has a phone sized pocket just in case you need to snap a quick picture for your watersports Instagram.

Buy the Palm Glide Waist Belt here.


Mystic Neoprene Sneaker

Keeping fashion a main area of importance, wearing a waterproof shoe that you could wear in the high street as well as on your board would be perfect. That can be done with the Mystic high-top water wear trainers. Sporting a classic high-top style, similar to Vans, these trainers are made from neoprene with a high grip sole. I never go paddling without my pair, as the last thing I want is to step on some rocks while getting out of the water and be greeted with a sharp pain. They’re perfect for protecting your feet, but also grip to your board as if they’re scared of the water.

Buy the Mystic Neoprene Sneaker here.


Dryrobe Advance Change Robe

Another thing I never leave for the beach without is my change robe. Rain or shine, I want to keep warm, and also keep what little dignity I may have left, something I struggle for, often face planting the water while showing off. If you’re taking a breather on the beach, wrap a Dryrobe around you, it will keep you warm and protect you from the elements, I particularly love the fleece lining, like being snuggled by a green sheep (other sheep colours available), or if you’re done for the day and want to change out of your wet gear, spare everyone else a sight they don’t want to see and put your Dryrobe on to cover up. Used by the likes of Red Bull and Olympic swimming teams, it truly is the best change robe and I wouldn’t be seen without mine.

Buy the Dryrobe Advance Change Robe here. Dryrobe-SS-Red.160x320.jpg

It will come as no surprise that we have more than one SUP enthusiast here at Wetsuit Outlet, so if you missed Jemma's blog earlier in the year, you can dive in here and give it a read. It's based around women's products that will no doubt get you a little excited for the warmer months ahead!

Written by Mitch Tamcken


Published on 12th February 2018 in SUP

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