Sailing Kittiwake - A Day In The Life

Grrrrr Monday's.

Is there a worse day of the week? Point out someone in a crowd who believes so and I'll call you a liar.

Even if you've had a relatively 'quiet' weekend, the mind and body can never be prepared for a Monday, no matter how many times you tell yourself it's going to be sweet. I'm the perfect example. I was at my grandma's place over the weekend chilling super hard and yet as I type this my brain feels as if it's working at 60%. It'll be a whole new ball game tomorrow - guranteed. Anyway, I digress...

The fact is, if you quit your day job and go sailing around Europe, you'll probably never have a case of the Monday's.

Take Elena & Ryan from Sailing Kittiwake for instance. Never once have I received correspondence from them informing me they've been struggling on the first day of the (working) week. Instead I get this!

I'm starting to think this collaboration is more a burden than a blessing. I mean there's only so much perfect weather, turquoise water and epic sailing conditions a man can take. However, I've committed to the cause.

So, if you're raging with jealousy, I would advise you do something about it. But before you go and buy a yacht, maybe check out our sailing range here, as there is nothing worse than embarking on an adventure under-prepared. 



Written by Sam Quennell

Published on 11th June 2018 in Sailing

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