Roxy - Trailblazing Under Sunburnt Skies

The trail blazer of women’s surfing, Roxy was formed in 1990 as an extension of Quiksilver, who at the time saw the untapped women’s surf market as a huge opportunity. From there, the brand launched its swimwear line with immediate success. By 1993 Roxy was on a roll and could only be described as a “fun, bold, athletic, daring and classy” brand which was pushing the limits within the surf world – this may have had something to do with Lisa Anderson representing Roxy during her World Title dominance between 1994 and 1997. However, since Anderson’s reign, Australia’s natural beauty and serious shredder Stephanie Gilmore has won six World Titles and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Add Kelia Moniz, Monyca Eleogram, Bronte Macaulay and Bianca Buitendag to the mix, and Roxy have got themselves a solid team showcasing adventurous spirit with a deep connection to the ocean.

What makes Roxy so special for women surfers?

The wetsuits created by Roxy are designed exclusively for women and combine cutting edge technology, fabrication and construction, colours and exclusive silhouettes. The fit of the wetsuit is unrivalled, as is the performance and style, guaranteeing to motivate regardless of the conditions. So, it’s no wonder we decided to deck the aisles at Wetsuit Outlet with the Roxy Performance, Syncro+ and Syncro Series wetsuit range. Because how often do women’s wetsuits come along that combine fashion and function with insane technical features? Here’s a clue. Not that often!


Roxy Performance wetsuits

The Roxy Performance model is designed for those who demand the best out of themselves when surfing in small or large swell. Emulated from the range's brother, the Quiksilver Highline Plus, this wetsuit offers supreme warmth through its Warmflight Far Infrared Heat Thermal Lining which is engineered to retain maximum body heat where it’s needed the most. Add in the F’N Lite neoprene, and you’ve got yourself one of the most flexible women’s wetsuit on the market. So, you can be assured there are absolutely no sacrifices made from Roxy in the development of the Performance.


Roxy Syncro+ wetsuits - best for warmth

The Syncro+ features all the nuts and bolts of a quality wetsuit but provides the best possible value too. A level down from the Performance, this wetsuit is for an intermediate surfer who is comfortable enough to sit in the line-up and not get intimidated. And although it’s not on the experience level of the Performance, it’s still packed with the same features, including Warmflight Far Infrared Heat Thermal Lining and F’N Lite neoprene. The seams are reinforced with a Liquid Flex Seal to reduce any cold water from leaking in – which when surfing in the winter is an extremely important aspect. So this is still a wetsuit with100% top-end features for warmth, but one designed around a more affordable price.


Roxy Syncro wetsuits - best for stretch

As the Syncro+ is based around warmth, the Syncro Series is based around stretch, but with the same unbelievable price point. The matching thermal lining and F’N Lite neoprene are adapted from the Performance, with the only difference being the glued and blind-stitched seams, which are still designed to eliminate cold water leaks. With the option of a chest or back zip, the Roxy Syncro Series is a great entry-level wetsuit which isn’t going to hinder your paddling freedom at all. If you're a first time surfer, take it from us, that is a crucial element when it comes to enjoyment out on the water.


Stay tuned for a more in-depth video review of our newly stocked Roxy wetsuits...

Written by Sam Quennell


Published on 12th March 2018 in Surfing

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