Have a 5 Star Summer with the Mystic Star Wetsuit

If you’re after a five-star summer then look no further because we have you covered! The Mystic Star wetsuit is the perfect suit for all your summer needs. What can you use this suit for, I hear you ask? Well, sit back and let me tell you… 



If you’ve always wanted to surf but never had the chance, or if you’ve surfed before and want to get more into it, then you’ll need some neoprene if you’re here in the UK. The star is easy to put on and it's got knee pads made out of durable 4-way stretch Hex-tech material to protect your knees when learning to surf.  Also, it comes in a front-zip and a back-zip entry depending on your entry preference. 



Lakes tend to heat up and cool down as quickly as the English climate changes, with this in mind, it’s always worth having a suit on hand should the conditions be a little less favorable. The Star is the perfect suit to have ready for when the temperature drops 5ºc on the drive to the lake, then you can throw it on quickly, fuss free and in time for your session. 



Getting into kitesurfing this summer and in need of neoprene to save you from being dragged around in just swimwear - and to avoid the fear of losing said swimwear while being dragged around. The Star is the one for you. With the Fox lining on the chest and back for a warmer core in the 5/3mm, 4/3mm and the 3/2mm, you can be dragged around all day long and stay warm too! 


Beach Trips & River Dips 

If you love a mini break, weekend adventures, or are holidaying in the UK this summer, then the Star is your companion. Whether its front-zip or back-zip, the star is great to throw on to get your water addiction sated. If you love playing in the shore break or finding a spot for a (safe) wild swim. We didn’t forget about the kids either! The star suit comes in Junior and Kids sizes so they can play in the water for longer - to make your coastal holidays more enjoyable. 



If you haven’t heard of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUPing, then we’re not sure where you have been living. The highly confident will go out with their regular clothing on, sunglasses on, maybe even their phone in their pocket which they will get out and take photos with to show off how skilled they are that they won’t fall in… But the rest of us, the rest of us cannot be trusted, especially if you go out with friends who will most likely spend the entire time trying to shake you off your SUP. The Star wetsuit will keep you warm in and out the water so you can fall in as much as you like, hop back on while keeping the wind chill off when back on your board.


Written by Mystic.

Updated on 5th August 2022

Originally published on 22nd July 2022 in Wetsuit Guides

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