Fanatic over our new SUP boards!

If you’re a regular participant in the increasingly popular water sport of Stand-up Paddle boarding, you may be familiar with the brand Fanatic… And don’t worry if not, as you’re about to be! One of the world’s leading watersports brands has now been added to our collection of SUP boards, so that our lovely customers can have their pick from only the very best!

Fanatic’s range includes various finely-crafted iSUPs (inflatable SUPs FYI), and we’ve picked out a few for you guys. Remember, like other board sports, the desired length is subject to your height and personal preferences, so check out our full range here for different sizes!


Fanatic Pure Air Touring SUP

An affordable touring inflatable SUP which provides quality construction without reaching deep into your pockets! It’s easy transportation, stability and versatility make this the perfect board for everyone! Its streamlined outline will glide effortlessly with every stroke, and the favoured length of 11’6” is ideal for exploring large distances on flat water.

Fanatic Diamond Air Touring SUP

One of our favourites from the ladies range, this inflatable SUP is specifically designed for those wanting to go on longer adventures and explore. The effortless glide, comfort of the board and lightweight handling make this perfect for your  It’s easy to use, offers plenty of stability and optimised air pressure/stiffness ratio.

Fanatic Fly Air SUP

The Fly Air is the ultimate toy for everyone. Easy to carry, strong, stiff and durable, these boards inflate into four finely tuned shapes for both flat water fun and small surf action! Optimised thickness provides outstanding rigidity without additional air pressure, and the extra volume allows for an even easier ride.


Shop our full collection of Fanatic SUP boards here. I'll stop droning on now, so you can get out on the water and enjoy the very un-British summer we're currently having (I'm not complaining, promise!) 

Laters, SUP'rs!



Written by Bronagh Murphy

Published on 11th July 2018 in SUP

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