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Best-selling Wetsuits of 2022

This year saw an unprecedented number of people getting out and engaging in water sports with over 11 million people in the UK alone participating in water sports or a boating activity this year. It was no surprise that 2022 was a huge year for wetsuits! Both distinguished champions and newcomers made it to our bestseller list. We had a chat with Will, our wetsuit expert, to find out which wetsuits our customers loved most and why.


In this post, we’re going to share: 

  • Top-of-the-range wetsuits packed with technology
  • Mid-tier stylish options
  • Value products for those just starting out


RIP CURL Men’s E-Bomb 4/3mm Zip Free Wetsuit - £251.95

2022 Rip Curl Mens E-Bomb 4/3mm Zip Free Wetsuit WSMYQS - Blue Grey

Our own Wetsuit Will raves about the zip-free cut design which goes higher over the shoulder and closer to the middle on the back, allowing for more mobility and less fatigue. This wetsuit includes Rip Curl’s E6 super stretch neoprene, E6 Thermo Lining as well as E6 Stress Point Hand Taped.

Key features:

  • New redesigned zip-free entry system
  • E6 Neoprene, E6 Thermo Lining, E6 Stress Point Hand Taped
  • Unrestricted stretch paddle panel


RIP CURL Women’s Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit - £223.95

2022 Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 5/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit WSM9MW - Black

This wetsuit is the perfect blend of features and affordability. Great for the improver and experienced surfer alike, the wetsuit features top technology from far more expensive wetsuits, E5 neoprene, and E5 Flash Lining, making it a great choice for anyone eager to hit the waves and really packs a punch on features as well as value.

Key features:

  • High stretch and lightweight E5 Neoprene
  • Warm and comfortable E5 Flash Lining
  • Strong and durable E5 tape
  • GBS Construction blind stitching


ONEILL O'Neill Men’s Epic 6/5/4mm Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - £229.95

2023 O'Neill Mens Epic 6/5/4mm Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit Black 5377

The most affordable hooded wetsuit, from the biggest brand! Making an appearance 2 years in a row, it’s no surprise O’Neill’s Epic range is back on this list. The FUZE entry system patented by O’Neil has become really popular with water sports lovers, especially in the cold winter months paired with the Double Super Seal Neck. No wonder this is a bestseller!

Key features:

  • FUZE entry with YKK Zip to prevent water ingress
  • Seamless Paddlezones
  • Full Ultraflex neoprene for ultimate stretchiness
  • Fluidflex Firewall


XCEL Mens Infiniti X2 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit - £334.95

2023 Xcel Mens Infiniti X2 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit MQ433Z20 - Black

There’s a reason why XCEL is an award-winning wetsuit brand, with its premium technology and the eco-friendly materials used in the wetsuits keeping you warmer for longer. New improvements such as a metallic lining beneath the fabric which acts as a shield to stop cold air from entering the external layer and bounces the warmth produced inside the wetsuit towards the body.


Key features:

  • Radiant Rebound chest panel to keep heat in
  • Plush Thermo Lite - lightweight yarn to maximize warmth without adding weight
  • Soft and eco-friendly Dope-Dye Yarn
  • Engineered fit system that fits like a second skin


GUL Men’s Response FX 5/4mm GBS Chest Zip Wetsuit - £139.95

2023 Gul Mens Response FX 5/4mm GBS Chest Zip Wetsuit RE1242-C1 - Black / Contour Camo

The RESPONSE FX range was a bestseller this year with its high-performance competitive-style suit composed of the DNA found in Guls' main RESPONSE collection. It is available in men's, women's, and young-adult designs and is crafted with Guls' signature 150% stretch neoprene and thermal.

Key features:

  • Core body panels combine the performance of X-Flex neoprene with the thermal insulating properties of thermospan
  • Double glued and stitched seams for a waterproof seal
  • Aqua barrier chest zip system which vastly reduces flushing


NYORD Men’s Furno Warmth 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit - £129.95

2022 Nyord Mens Furno Warmth 4/3mm Chest Zip Wetsuit FWM43001 - Black

Will says this wetsuit is ‘a no-brainer’ with its many features and value. Nyord's mid-range wetsuit offers an ideal combination of comfort, heat retention, and flexibility. The limestone neoprene is incredibly stretchy, and the chest and back are lined with a luxurious material that keeps the warmth in while still allowing for free movement. The sustainable design makes it the perfect seasonless wetsuit suitable for various climates.

Key features:

  • A durable, high-stretch taping is used to reinforce key areas of wear and eliminate leaks.
  • Super-stretch neoprene delivers great flexibility
  • A soft brushed thermal lining with a 4-way stretch


BILLABONG Women’s Synergy 5/4mm Back Zip Wetsuit - £129.95

2022 Billabong Womens Synergy 5/4mm Back Zip Wetsuit C45G52 - Black Palms

This trendy yet functional women’s wetsuit produced by Billabong is incredibly lightweight and provides amazing warmth, plus cutting-edge technology at an unbeatable price. The women's Synergy Back Zip Full Wetsuit is crafted with flexible and sustainable Superlight neoprene and sealed extern Key features:

  • Eco-friendly recycled Superflex Jersey
  • Graphene Recycler Plus combined with Silicon Stretch for great mobility
  • It boasts excellent thermal retention


MYSTIC Men’s Star 5/3mm Back Zip Wetsuit - £164.95

2023 Mystic Mens Star 5/3mm Back Zip Wetsuit 210309 - Black

Will describes this wetsuit as a great ‘all-rounder’ with ‘multi-purpose capabilities’ and that’s no surprise with its Glued Blind Stitched seams, M-Flex neoprene, and insulating Fox Fleece paneling suitable for a wide range of water sports.

Key features:

  • Glide skin inner lining enables an excellent water closure
  • Kneepads are made of a 4way Super-tex fabric designed for protection
  • Soft and warm Fox Fleece paneling


GUL Junior Response 5/3mm GBS Back Zip Wetsuit - £87.95

2023 Gul Junior Response 5/3mm GBS Back Zip Wetsuit RE1218-C1 - Charcoal / Contour Camo

In terms of value and functionality, this wetsuit has limited competition. Featuring the same characteristics of the adult version, an entry level water sports enthusiast would love this wetsuit!

Key features:

  • Blackout waterproof zip, which creates a flush barrier
  • Chest and back panels for optimum core wind chill protection
  • Four way stretch knee panels designed to resist the harshest elements
  • Eco friendly Limestone based neoprene

Updated on 26th January 2023

Originally published on 28th December 2022 in Wetsuit Guides

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