6 Eco Swaps to Make This Summer

These products aren’t just made using less harmful materials and processes, but they are all made to last so you don’t have to keep replacing them.

  1. Choose an eco-conscious wetsuit.

Many wetsuits are now made using much more sustainable materials. Billabong's Natural Furnace Wetsuit is 100% neoprene free and 100% recyclable.


  1. Drink from a reusable water bottle.

To reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans, stop using single-use bottles and switch to a reusable one like the Red Paddle Co Insulated Bottle.


  1. Choose an eco-conscious changing robe

For hassle free changing that won’t cost the environment, the Nyord Outdoor Changing Robe has a plant-based coating and Primaloft lining that is made using 100% recycled polyester.


  1. Choose an Eco rash vest.

For a rash vest thats fibres are made using plastic bottles, choose the Zhik Eco Spandex Top that’s also super stretchy and has UV 50+ sun protection.


  1. Use organic wax on your board.

Swap your wax for an organic wax made from natural materials and a label made of recycled paper and soy-based inks, like the Matunas Wax.


  1. Clean your wetsuit with eco-friendly shampoo.

Taking care of your wetsuit will make it last longer. Use a biodegradable wetsuit shampoo to wash it such as Rip Curl 'Piss Off' so it won't harm the environment.

Published on 1st June 2022 in Surfing

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