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11 Reasons Why You Need the New Solite Custom Fit Surf Boots

Have you ever struggled to find a surf boot that fitted properly? When boots don’t fit properly, they end up either being too tight and uncomfortable, or being too loose and letting in water, giving you cold feet and less response. These Solite boots have revolutionised the boot world as they are the world’s only custom fit surf boots and guarantee a perfect fit giving you the ultimate barefoot feel.

The product line consists of the Omni boots which are suitable for all watersports and the custom boots range which are more suited to surfing:

  • Omni Boots – (2mm) £54.95
  • Custom Boots (3mm, 5mm and 8mm) £69.95 - £89.95
  • Custom Pro Boots (3mm and 5mm) £84.95 +
  • Custom Fire Boots (8mm) £114.95

I’m about to tell you 11 reasons why you need these boots and by the end, you’ll be pressing add-to-bag quicker than you can say ‘Solite’.

  1. They are the world’s only custom fit watersports boots

Now you may be wondering what custom fit actually means. So, I’d like you to imagine a rugby gumshield being molded for your teeth and now imagine the same process but for a surf boot. The lower part of the boot is made out of a heat moldable thermo foam so when it is heated up using boiling water, the foam will expand, then shrink down around your feet. Having boots molded to your feet will make them like a second skin, leaving no space for water to get in. This is good for two things: keeping your feet dryer/warmer and feeling the board better on your feet to give you better balance. It’s really easy to mold them yourself, you just need a kettle and 10 minutes. Read this for a step by step guide on how to mold them.

  1. The Solite boots are so light

Solite is pronounced ‘so light’ and that’s because these boots are so light. The bottom half of the boot which molds to your feet doesn’t absorb any water at all which reduces the weight drastically and makes them probably the lightest boot you can find on the market. Furthermore, because these boots are custom fit, water is less likely to get in compared to other non-custom boots, which makes them feel even lighter out on the water.

  1. The grippy, 3D molded sole

The Solite sole has been designed with a barefoot feel in mind. The Solite 3D molded sole has recently been upgraded to now include 1 bottom panel instead of 4 for extra durability. The new design means greater durability as the sole curves up the front of the toes and back of the heel. The Omni boot also has a bumpy and 3mm thick sole for even more durability, making these boots suitable for other watersports such a paddleboarding, sailing, or windsurfing.

  1. The stretchy neoprene

The Custom, Custom Pro and Custom Fire boots all feature a limestone stretchy neoprene which has long-term durability, easy on/off and is eco-friendly. The Omni boot features a ventiprene with microscopic holes instead which is a waterproof/breathable neoprene more suitable for warmer waters to stop your feet from overheating.

  1. The warm plush lining

The Custom boots have a plush neoprene lining which is quick-dry and keeps your feet comfortable and warm. The top-spec Custom Pro and Custom Fire boots have an added upgrade of a thermal rebound plush neoprene lining which is a new improvement for winter 2021. The thermal rebound lining has an aluminium laminate that reflects body heat back to the skin, has quick-dry fibres and has low friction for easy on /off.

  1. The concept behind the colour choices

The concept behind the brightly coloured soles is almost as exciting as the soles themselves. Each thickness has a different colour and the hotter the colour (blue being cold and red being hot) the thicker the boot and the hotter your feet. You can also opt for a black sole on each boot (except the Omni boot) if you prefer. These soles are unique looking so when you’re paddling out, they will be instantly recognisable.

  1. Their split-toe and round toe design

Both the 3mm and 5mm boots have internal split-toe whereas the 8mm boots don't have a split toe. Having a split toe enhances the barefoot feeling and therefore gives you better balance, whereas a round toe keeps your toes warmer as they are closer together. Seeing as you usually use an 8mm boot when you’re surfing somewhere really cold, warmth is a priority so the silt toe is removed. The Solite split toe is shorter than the average split toe for more comfort and is not visible from the outside.

  1. The waterproof seams

All seams are glued/blindstitched for a flexible, durable, and waterproof seam. An external liquid seam seal is also added for extra strength, protection and waterproofing.

  1. The option to add a 3-point power strap

Whilst the Custom boots are strapless, the Custom Pro and the Custom Fire boots have the added bonus of the 3-point power D-ring strap. This strap is designed to pull from both heel and arch for an even more precise fit which increases stability and reduces the delay between your foot movement and board response.  The strap wraps under the foot for full support. 

  1. The handy heel pull

The stealth loop Tatex-coated heel pull features on all Solite boots. The heel pull helps you get your boots on and off easier and is low profile, super-light and super strong.

  1. They come with socks

I bet you’ve never bought a pair of shoes that come with socks before. These socks are designed specifically for the boot you choose and will provide a ‘heat booster’ in case you find your feet getting chilly. The benefits of the socks are extra warmth and comfort, easy on/off, and the best part is that they are machine washable to keep your boots smelling fresh.

Knit split-toe heat-booster sock

The knit socks are made of a polyester, nylon and spandex blend and fit any boot comfortably wet or dry. They have offset seams which means there are no seams pressing on your toes. These socks come with the 3mm and 5mm Custom and Custom Pro boots.

1mm neoprene thermal rebound round toe heat booster sock

These socks come with both 8mm boots. The neoprene socks are lined with the new thermal rebound lining which has an aluminium laminate to reflect body heat back to the skin and they add 2.7°C of warmth to any boot when wearing them. These socks have flatlock and GBS seams for comfort and durability. 


Shop Solite here.

Updated on 7th September 2021

Originally published on 2nd September 2021 in Surfing

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